Confirmed speakers

Author(s) Title
Argelia Peña Aguilar University of Ottawa - School of Translation Poster: Usefulness of Translation Technology Training from Mexican Universities
Josep Bonet World Trade Organization Innovation in the International Organisation: Can we Do Better?
Bernardette Castaneira Legrand University of Ottawa - School of Translation Poster: Legal Translators and the Use of Translation Technologies
Caroline Champsaur OECD Workshop: OECD Neural Machine Translation Project: Methodology and Results
Denis Dechandon, Maria Recort Ruiz and Aniko Gerencser European Publication Office/International Labour Office Terminology: Towards a Systematic Integration of Semantics and Metadata
Ana-Luz Diaz and Simone Maier University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt Poster: Machine Translation vs. Human Translation: An Analysis of the Use and Impact of Pre-Editing in a Variety of Text Types
Emmanuelle Esperança-Rodier and Caroline Rossi University of Grenoble-Alpes Time is Everything: A Comparative Study of Human Evaluation of SMT vs. NMT
Sabrina Girletti, Pierrette Bouillon, Martina Bellodi and Philipp Ursprung University of Geneva Preferences of End-Users for Raw and Post-Edited NMT in a Business Environment
Lucía Guerrero and Kirill Soloviev CPSL Barcelona Machine Translation Evaluation at CPSL with ContentQuo
Jocelyne Delgrande and Judith Klein STAR Poster: Swiss Broadcasting Corporation goes live …with MT
Christopher Gledhill and Maria Zimina University Paris-Diderot The Impact of Machine Translation on a Masters Course in Web Translation: From Disrupted Practice to a Qualitative Translation/Revision Workflow
Jochen Hummel Coreon Keynote Address
Marion Kaczmarek and Michael Filhol LIMSI Assisting Sign Language Translation: What Interface Given the Lack of Written Form and the Spatial Grammar?
Rodolfo Maslias European Parliament New Audiences for EU Terminology
Jean Senellart Systran Keynote address
Jean-Francois Richard Terminotix Terminology Extraction as a Tool for MT Output Assessment and Improvement
Ayla Rigouts Terryn, Lieve Macken, Els Lefever, Robert Vander Stichele, Koen Vanneste and Joost Buysschaert University of Ghent Pilot Study on Medical Translations in Lay Language: Post-Editing by Language Specialists, Domain Specialists or Both?
Maria Stasimioti and Vilelmini Sosoni Ionian University Undergraduate Translation Students’ Performance and Attitude towards Machine Translation and Post-Editing: Does training play a role?
Margita Šoštarić, Nataša Pavlović and Filip Boltužić University of Zagreb Domain Adaptation for Machine Translation Involving a Low-Resource Language: Google AutoML vs. From-Scratch NMT System
Ales Tamchyna Memsource Applying AI to NT and MT
Andrzej Zydroń XTM International De-demonizing AI


… and more to come