Thursday, 17 November 2016

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Education Room
(from 11 am)
Workshops and Poster
Energy Room
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Morning Session Chair Olaf-Michael Stefanov
AsLing President – João Esteves-Ferreira
TC38 Coordinator – Juliet Margaret Macan
09:1510:00Sponsors’ Thought Leadership talks:
09:1509:30Focusing on Tighter Integration of CAT Tools with Corpora – Miloš Jakubíček, on behalf of our Gold Sponsor, Lexical Computing (Slides)
09:3009:45Selling Translation Online. A Path to Success – Emanuele Caronia, on behalf of our Gold Sponsor, MateCat (Slides)
09:4510:00The Future of Translation Technology – Massimo Ghislandi, on behalf of our Silver Sponsor, SDL (Slides)
10:0010:45Keynote: “Will Curiosity Kill the CAT? – Thoughts on the Future of the Computer Assisted Translation Environment” – Dieter Rummel, European Commission, DG Translation, Head of Unit – Informatics (Slides)
10:4511:15BreakBreak (only until 11:00)
11:1511:45Automated Detection and Correction of Errors in Real- time Speech-to-text: a Research Approach – Lindsay Bywood and Andrew Lambourne (Slides)Workshop (11:00-11:45): Automatic Calculation of Translator Productivity Improvement when Using Machine Translation – Andrzej Zydroń, XTM (Slides)
11:4512:15Translation Quality Evaluation of MWEs from French into English Using an SMT System – Emmanuelle Esperança-Rodier (Slides)Silver Sponsor Workshop (SDL)

Building your Ideal Translation Environment with Apps and APIs from the SDL AppStore

– Clementine Tissier
12:1512:45What's in a Name? – Jon Riding and Neil Boulton (Slides)
12:4514:10LunchLunch +
Poster (13:30-13:50): How Translators can Improve Multilingual Terminology in a Link: Teaching Case Study Examples – R. Palomares-Perraut and & C. Gomez-Camarero (Slides)
Afternoon SessionLecture Theatre
Presentation or event
Education Room
Presentation or Workshop
Energy Room
Afternoon Session Chair:Ruslan Mitkov
14:1014:40Drawing a Route Map of Making a Small Domain-specific Parallel Corpus for Translators and Beyond – Xiaotian (Fred) Guo (Slides)A Case Study of German into English by Machine Translation: to Evaluate Moses Using Moses for Mere Mortals – Roger Haycock (Slides)

(14:00 - 17:00)
Gold Sponsor Workshop (MateCat)

  • Translated and MateCat

  • What is MateCat?

  • Translating with MateCat: the Fast Way

  • Advanced Features

  • Outsourcing with MateCat

  • Q&A

  • Hands-on: Practical Session on MateCat
Workshop participants will be issued a certificate by MateCat.
– Annalisa De Petra
and Daniele Cocozza
14:4016:15Panel debate: “To Align or Not to Align? Is it Useful for a Translator to Use Alignment Tools? To create what? Corpora or TMs?” Panellists: Ruslan Mitkov (standing in for Gloria Corpas Pastor), Miloš Jakubíček, Balazs Kis, and Andrzej Zydroń Moderator: Juliet Macan (Slides: (Moderator's intro slides, Ruslan Mitkov's slides)Workshop (14:45 - 15:25):

The Art of Subtitling within the European Institutions
– Ayten Dersan (Slides)
Workshop (15:30-16:10):

The Annotation System
– Ronan Martin (Slides)
16:4517:15Potential Impact of QT21 – Eleanor Cornelius (Slides)
17:1517:30Honorary Member Ceremony – President & Chairs
David Chambers was invited to become AsLing's third honorary member in a short ceremony.
17:30Close of Day 1 – Session Chair
19:3022:30 Networking Gala Dinner - at Piccolino Restaurant – Heddon Street.