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Henry Liu, President of the International Federation of Translators (FIT)
Dieter Rummel, Head of Unit, European Commission, DG Translation

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Khetam Alsharou (University College London)Machine Translation and Translator Training: Exploration of Students’ Abilities and Needs
Lindsay Bywood (University of Westminster) and Andrew Lambourne (Leeds Beckett University)
Automated Detection and Correction of Errors in Real-time Speech-to-text: a Research Approach
Félix do Carmo, Luis Trigo and Belinda Maia (University of Oporto)From CATs to KATs
Eleanor Cornelius (University of Johannesburg)Potential Impact of QT21
Denis Dechandon (CdT-Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union)

From IATE to IATE 2 or When Technologies are Agents of Change and Means to Improve User Satisfaction
Emmanuelle Esperança-Rodier and Johan Didier (University of Grenoble)Translation Quality Evaluation of MWEs from French into English using an SMT System
Claudio Fantinuoli (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz/Germersheim)InterpretBank. Redefining Computer-assisted Interpreting Tools
David Filip (Trinity College Dublin)Why XLIFF and Why XLIFF 2?
Daniela Ford (University College London)Can you Trust a TM? Results of an Experiment Conducted in November 2015 at CenTraS @ UCL
Xiaotian (Fred) Guo (New Vision Languages)Drawing a Route Map of Making a Small Domain-specific Parallel Corpus for Translators and Beyond
Roger Haycock (Haycock Technical Services)A Case Study of German into English by Machine Translation: to Evaluate Moses Using Moses for Mere Mortals.
Joss Moorkens (Dublin City University), Federico Gaspari, Andy Way, Sheila Castilho, Rico Sennrich, Alexandra Birch, Antonio Valerio Miceli Barone and Valia Kordoni
A Crowd-sourced Comparative Evaluation of Phrase-Based SMT and Neural Machine Translation
Jon Riding and Neil Bolton (United Bible Societies)What's in a Name?
Ankit Srivastava, Felix Sasaki, Peter Bourgonje, Julian Moreno Schneider, Jan Nehring and Georg Rehm (DFKI-German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence)How to Configure Statistical Machine Translation with Linked Open Data Resources

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David Calvert (TransForm) : Lost for Words — Maximizing Terminological Quality and Value at an LSP
Annalisa De Petra and Daniele Cocozza (MateCat/translated srl.) ( -  Gold Sponsor ) : MateCat, the Cloud-based Professional Translation Tool that Provides More Matches than any other CAT Tool. Click here to go to Workshop (details) page; scroll down to open the moderators' bios and the workshop abstract.
Ayten Dersan (CdT-EU) : The Art of Subtitling within the European Institutions
Milos Jakubicek (Lexical Computing -  Gold Sponsor ): Sketch Engine for Translation and Terminology: Interfacing Corpora with CAT Tools
Ronan Martin (SAS) : The Annotation System
Ondrej Matuska (Lexical Computing -  Gold Sponsor ) : Introduction to Sketch Engine for Translators and Terminologists
Anja Rütten : Interpreters’ Workflows and Fees in the Digital Era
Clémentine Tissier ( SDL -  Silver Sponsor ) : Building your Ideal Translation Environment with Apps and APIs from the SDL AppStore. Click here to go to Workshop (details) page; scroll down to open the moderator's bio and the workshop abstract.
Andrzej Zydroń ( XTM - Exhibitor) and Qun Liu (Dublin City University) : Calculating the Percentage Reduction in Translator Effort when Using Machine Translation

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Alignment and Corpora – To Align or Not to Align? Is it Useful for a Translator to Use Alignment Tools? To Create What? Corpora or TMs?Juliet MacanGloria Corpas Pastor, Miloš Jakubíček, Balazs Kis and Andrzej Zydroń; Moderator: Juliet Macan.
Professional Translation in a Pre-Singularity WorldAlan MelbyJoanna Drugan, Mikel Forcada, Alan Melby, Dieter Rummel and David Wood; Moderator: Olaf-Michael Stefanov

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Rocio Palomares-Perraut and Carmen Gomez-CamareroHow Translators can Improve Multilingual Terminology in a Link: Teaching Case Study Examples
Mark UnittCombining Different Tools to Build a Semi-supervised Data Collection Model to Increase MT Quality and Performance