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Thursday 16 November 2017
Opening Addresses
09:00 AsLing President’s [download-attachment id=”3212″ title=”Welcome Address”]
Thought Leadership talks:

  • [download-attachment id=”3213″ title=”Gold Sponsor – STAR”]
  • [download-attachment id=”3214″ title=”Silver Sponsor – televic”]
  • [download-attachment id=”3215″ title=”Silver Sponsor – SDL”]
09:45 Keynote address: [download-attachment id=”3216″ title=”From Text to Concepts and Back: Going Multilingual with BabelNet in a Step or Two”] – Roberto Navigli
10:55 Poster: [download-attachment id=”3222″ title=”On the Need for New Tools for “Translating Writers” in Industry”] – Claire Lemaire and Christian Boitet (*)
11:15 [download-attachment id=”3217″ title=”Beyond Neural MT”] – Andrzej Zydroń
11:45 [download-attachment id=”3218″ title=”Creating a Tool for Multimodal Translation and Post-Editing on Touch-Screen Devices”] – Carlos Teixeira and Joss Moorkens
12:15 [download-attachment id=”3219″ title=”Three-Dimensional Quality Model: The Focal Point of Workflow Management in Organisational Ergonomics”] – Kristiina Abdallah
13:40 Poster: [download-attachment id=”3247″ title=”Towards a Hybrid Intralinguistic Subtitling Tool: MIRO Translate”] – Laura Cacheiro Quintas (*)
14:00 [download-attachment id=”3240″ title=”Evaluation of NMT and SMT Systems: A Study on Uses and Perceptions”] – Emmanuelle Esperanca-Rodier (*)
[download-attachment id=”3248″ title=”Adapting a Computer Assisted Translation MA Course to New Trends”] – Marianne Starlander
14:30 [download-attachment id=”3242″ title=”WIPO Pearl – The Terminology Portal of the World Intellectual Property Organization”] Geoffrey Westgate
15:00 [download-attachment id=”3241″ title=”eLUNa – The Web-based Family of Language Tools of the United Nations”] Natalia Bondonno
15:40 Poster : [download-attachment id=”3249″ title=”MT and Post-Editing from a Translator’s Perspective”] – Dimitra Kalantzi (*)
16:00 [download-attachment id=”3246″ title=”Building a Custom Machine Translation Engine as part of a Postgraduate University Course: a Case Study”] – Michael Farrell (*)
The Human and the Machine: Perspectives to 2045 and Beyond – Sarah Griffin-Mason    (not currently available as a download)


Friday, 17 November 2017
09:00 [download-attachment id=”3258″ title=”When is Less Actually More? A Usability Comparison of Two CAT Interfaces”] – Martin Kappus and Martin Schuler
09:30 [download-attachment id=”3259″ title=”When Google Translate is better than Some Human Colleagues, those People are no Longer Colleagues”] Samuel Läubli and David Orrego-Carmona (*)
10:00 Keynote address: A World without Language Barriers – Alexander Waibel    (not currently available as a download)
11:10 Poster: [download-attachment id=”3265″ title=”Web Accessibility Compliance in Localisation: The Missing Link for an Optimal End User Experience”] – Silvia Rodríguez Vázquez
11:30 [download-attachment id=”3262″ title=”Speech Recognition in the Interpreter Workstation”] – Claudio Fantinuoli (*)
12:00 [download-attachment id=”3263″ title=”Designing a Multimethod Study on the Use of CAI Tools during Simultaneous Interpreting”] – Bianca Prandi (*)
13:25 Poster:  VIP: Voice-Text Integrated System for Interpreters – Gloria Corpas Pastor (*)    (not currently available as a download)
13:40 Poster: Using Online and/or Mobile Virtual Communication Tools in Interpreter and Translator Training: Pedagogical Advantages and Drawbacks – Koen Kerremans and Helene Stengers (*)    (not currently available as a download)
14:00 [download-attachment id=”3260″ title=”A comparative user evaluation of tablets and tools for consecutive interpreters”] –  Joshua Goldsmith
15:00 Workshop: [download-attachment id=”3269″ title=”The Localization industry Word Count Standard: GMX-V. Slaying the Word Count Dragon”] – Andrzej Zydroń (*)
16:10 Poster: [download-attachment id=”3270″ title=”Crowdsourcing for NMT Evaluation: Professional Translators versus the Crowd”] Sheila Castilho, Joss Moorkens, Maria Gialama, and Yota Georgakopoulou
16:30 [download-attachment id=”3268″ title=”Learning from Sparse Data – Meeting the needs big data can’t reach”] Jon Riding and Neil Boulton (*)
[download-attachment id=”3271″ title=”The SCATE Prototype: A Smart Computer-Aided Translation Environment”] – Tom Vanallemeersch and Sven Coppers (*)