Paola Valli

… will be moderating the workshop:

On the TAUS Quality Dashboard

Paola Valli holds a PhD in Translation and Interpreting Studies from the University of Trieste, which focused on translation technologies, translation problems and translation process research. 

She advanced her education with study visits at the University of Iowa, Copenhagen Business School and Saarland University and gained further experience working at Lionbridge/CLS 4-Text, Translated in Rome and the European Parliament in Luxembourg.

She has recently joined TAUS as Program Manager to contribute to the development of the Quality Dashboard and help manage it across functional areas.


This workshop outlines the progress that has been made on the TAUS Dynamic Quality Framework (DQF) in the past year and introduces the Quality Dashboard. Thanks to this new dashboard, all stakeholders in the global translation services can monitor their performance using industry-shared metrics and benchmark themselves against industry average productivity and quality. The DQF integration with translation tools via an open API will also be demonstrated.

The Dynamic Quality Framework (DQF) was first developed by TAUS in 2011 in close cooperation with many of the member companies and represents a dynamic approach to quality evaluation. The Quality Dashboard delivers on the DQF vision and provides statistics on translation, benchmarking for translation activity and quality, as well as analysis of translation performance and production. Quality evaluation though the Quality Dashboard becomes business intelligence to help steer and support management decisions.

This workshop is relevant for anyone interested in the topic of translation quality and the ongoing work in this regard.

Those who are already familiar with DQF but haven’t followed the recent developments will be introduced to the Quality Dashboard.

The workshop is also suited for those who have not heard about the DQF and are curious to learn more about it and see how it works.

There will be also room for discussion and feedback from the audience.