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The business side. A stimulating look at the key things you need to monitor when running a business. What tools you need to monitor the environment, the industry, your company and (not forgetting) yourself!
Richard Brooks
Breaking Down Language and Hearing Barriers. A behind the scenes look into near real-time speech to speech translation
Will Lewis
Evaluation of English to Spanish MT output of Tourism 2.0 consumer-generated reviews with post-editing purposes
Miguel Ángel Candel Mora
Improving Translator Competencies by Teaching Statistical Machine Translation: Evidence and Experiences from University, LSP, Public Service, and Community Training Programmes
Stephen Doherty
The catcher in the CAT. Playfulness and self-management in the use of CAT tools by professional translators
Anna Estellés and/or Esther Monzó Nebot
Going global? Let’s measure your product for World-readiness!
Kshitij Gupta
From parallel corpora to bilingual terminology: a hybrid approach
Miloš Jakubíček
The ALST project: technologies for audiovisual translation
Anna Matamala
QT21: a new era for translators and the computer
Alan Melby
Correlations of perceived post-editing effort with measurements of actual effort
Joss Moorkens
The use of CAI tools in interpreters’ training: a pilot study
Bianca Prandi
The Introduction of Machine Translation at Credit Suisse
Philipp Ursprung
Recommendations for Translation Environments to Improve Translators’ workflows
Jan Van den Bergh
FALCON: Building the Localization Web
Andrzej Zydroń


Kamusi Pre-D – Source-Side Disambiguation and a Sense Aligned Multilingual Lexicon
Co-authors: Martin Benjamin, Amar Mukunda and Jeff Allen
The reception of intralingual and interlingual automatic subtitling: an exploratory study within the HBB4ALL project
Anna Matamala
Co-authors: Aitor Alvarez, Andoni Azeita and Andreu Oliver
The EXPERT project: Advancing the state of the art in hybrid translation technologies
Constantin Orasan
Co-authors: Constantin Orasan, Alessandro Cattelan, Gloria Corpas Pastor, Josef van Genabith, Manuel Herranz, Juan José Arevalillo, Qun Liu, Khalil Sima’an and Lucia Specia
Let the EAGLES fly into new standards: Adapting our CAT tool evaluation methodology to the ISO 25000 series
Marianne Starlander
The Use of Machine Translation and Post-editing among Translation Service Providers in Spain
Olga Torres, Celia Rico and Miguel Ángel Candel Mora


Gold Sponsor – Kilgray – Workshop moderated by Angelika Zerfass

How to get the best out of memoQ

Workshop moderated by Klaus Fleischmann

From Occassional Quality Control to collaborative QA

Workshop moderated by Paola Valli

On the TAUS Quality Dashboard

Silver Sponsor – SDL – Workshop moderated by Valeria Filippello

Best Practices for SMT Post-Editing

Panel debate

The Future of Translation moderated by João Esteves-Ferreira

… kicked off by a short Discussion Firework talk:

Neocortical Computing: Next Generation Machine Translation
Andrzej Zydroń

Panellists : Sarah Griffin-Mason, Kim Harris and Andrzej Zydroń

Round table

Quality in Translation

moderated by Juliet Macan

… kicked off by three lead-in talks:

A significant check system for obtaining a significant initial assessment of translation quality
David Benotmane
From Occassional Quality Control to collaborative QAFrom Occasional Quality Control to Collaborative Quality Assurance
Klaus Fleischmann
An Update on the TAUS Quality Dashboard and the Dynamic Quality Framework
Jaap van der Meer
Panellists: David Benotmane, Joanna Drugan, Klaus Fleischmann, and Jaap van der Meer

Sponsors Thought Leadership Talks

Gold Sponsor, Kilgray/memo by Peter Reynolds
 Silver Sponsor SDL by Andrea Stevens
Opening Addresses
by João Esteves-Ferreira, President, AsLing,
Reiner Heard, Vice-President, FIT,
and Olaf-Michael Stefanov, Coordinator, TC37