Peter Reynolds

... will be giving a Thought Leadership talk
on behalf of our GOLD Sponsor Kilgray

On getting the best out of memoQ

memoQ is the Kilgray product being promoted at TC37 as the central element of their GOLD Sponsorship

Biographical data

Peter Reynolds is responsible for Kilgray’s strategy and Kilgray’s partnerships, including the academic and the training programs. He is a localization industry veteran who joined Kilgray after having worked for Berlitz, Bowne Global Solutions, Lionbridge and Idiom Technologies Inc. where he set up the successful LSP Advantage program. Peter keeps the company on track by setting targets and making sure these targets are met.

Peter is an Irish national based in Warsaw, Poland.

He holds a BSc and an MBA degree from the Open University and is a localisation industry veteran and worked as a translation and localization industry standards and management consultant.

Peter was actively involved in the development and promotion of standards, notably XLIFF, an increasingly used standard within the globalization and localization industry.

He was Secretary of the XLIFF Technical Committee at OASIS and one of two people who were on the XLIFF Technical Committee since its inception. He is also Chair of the Translation Web Services Technical Committee.