Valeria Filippello is a Senior Computational Linguist for SDL’s intelligent Machine Translation group. She trained as an interpreter and translator in Italy and has worked in localization for 15 years.Following her interest in translation technology, Valeria joined SDL 8 years ago as Italian post-editor.

In the new intelligent Machine Translation department, her role is focused on creating and testing high quality Machine Translation systems, promoting the use of MT, and training translators to understand and use it efficiently.

Valeria Filippello

will moderate the SDL workshop

Best Practices for SMT Post-Editing



Machine Translation has changed the face of localization. This workshop will focus on Statistical Machine Translation
(SMT) and how to post-edit SMT output to understandable and publishable quality. The following topics will be covered:
· Advantages of using MT and current market acceptance of MT and post-editing
· How SMT technology works
· How SMT can be applied in different ways depending on content and purpose of translations and the benefits and challenges of each solution
· Definition of post-editing and requirements for publishable and understandable quality
· Tips and tricks for post-editing SMT output effectively
· Typical SMT behaviours with examples in different languages
· How to help translators become efficient post-editors through general and specific training programs