Round table: panellists

The quality of Translation: Panellists

David Benotmane is consultant for translation technology, working in Zurich,Switzerland.
He worked as manager of the translation unit for the Migros Group, the largest company in Switzerland. He has conceived a fully automated translation workflow platform with innovative functionalities in the SDL WorldServer. He reduced the costs of translations by up to 50% and at the same time increased the income for the external translators by up to 260%. Currently 80 translators work daily with the TMS.
He is now representing Glossa Group in Switzerland and is introducing the proofreading platform myproof® for Swiss companies and translators. He is currently developing an HRM-Platform and an eLearning-Platform for translators.
Joanna Drugan is Senior Lecturer in Applied Translation Studies at the University of East Anglia, UK. Her main research interests include translation quality, translation ethics and translation technologies. Her most recent book is Quality in Professional Translation (Bloomsbury, 2013).She is currently researching real-world ethical challenges when professional translators and interpreters are not available, particularly in healthcare and social work, and ways in which training and technology might support professionals and service users faced with such challenges.
Jo holds an MA (Hons) and PhD in French from the University of Glasgow, Scotland. She previously worked at Reading University and Leeds University, where she was a founder member of the Centre for Translation Studies and ran the MA Applied Translation Studies for over a decade. She was awarded a National Teaching
Fellowship and became a member of the Higher Education Academy in 2008. She has served as a member of the Peer Review Council for the Arts and Humanities Research Council since 2012 and was selected as a founding member of the Publication Integrity and Ethics Council in 2013. Since joining UEA in 2012, Jo has led specialist Masters modules in translation technologies, translation as a profession, and research methods, and an undergraduate module on translation and globalisation. She is Director of Graduate Studies for the School.
Klaus Fleischmann grew up with languages and computers in Austria and the US. Studied conference interpreting in Vienna & Monterey, California, and technical communication at Danube University Krems. Long work experience in the US translation industry. Founded Kaleidoscope GmbH as a consulting & software company for international documentation in 1996. Co-founded the “ARGE International Documentation” in Vienna in 2000. Presents lectures and university courses on terminology and translation management in Austria and abroad Jaap van der Meer was the founder and CEO of some of the largest global translation and localization service companies in the 1980s and 1990s. In 2005 he founded the Translation Automation User Society (TAUS). TAUS is an innovation think tank and platform for industry-shared services for the global translation and localization sector. Many of the largest IT companies, government translation bodies and their suppliers of translation and localization services and technologies are members of TAUS. TAUS offers among others a platform for translation quality evaluation and benchmarking and a platform for pooling and sharing of translation memory data. Jaap van der Meer has written many articles over the years about the translation industry.