Andrea Stevens is Translation and Quality Manager for SDL’s intelligent Machine Translation group. She trained as a professional translator in her native Germany and has worked for SDL for over 15 years in a variety of senior linguistic roles.

Andrea has been involved i n Machine Translation at SDL from the very beginning, when SDL pioneered a high quality translation process incorporating Machine Translation technology. With a wealth of experience in localization, language services, translation resource and quality management as well as Machine Translation, she works with SDL’s internal and external clients to promote the benefits of MT and help translators to integrate MT in their daily work.

Andrea Stevens

will be giving a Thought Leadership talk
on behalf of our Silver Sponsor SDL…

MT as an integrated component of the traditional CAT tool


Machine Translation has been one of the most significant technologies to enter the localization market in recent years. Despite widespread fears and misgivings over the use of MT and the loss of the human touch in translation, it is first and foremost a tool to help translators work more efficiently. MT is successful because of its unique fit within the translation environment alongside more traditional translation tools and the exciting possibilities it offers for the future. In this keynote speech, we will look at how translators already benefit from MT integration in standard CAT tools and explore some of the innovative trends facilitating the translation tasks of tomorrow.