This page lists all presentations given at TC40. Wherever AsLing has been provided with the presentations, links to these are provided below. Most are in the form of PowerPoint shows (pps or ppsx formats), i.e., uneditable versions, but with animation by the presenters included. If you do not have Microsoft PowerPoint installed, you can download a free viewer from the Internet. A few are available as PDFs, either where the presenters provided us only with files in this format, or where – because the PowerPoint files are very large, a pdf is also provided for quick download and viewing.

 – Olaf-Michael Stefanov, Coordinator, TC40, on behalf of the TC40 Organising Committee

Download a digital copy of the TC40-Abstracts+Biographies And here is a copy of the TC40-Proceedings.
THURSDAY 15 Presenters (in Bold) and co-authors
Thursday morning – session 1 (Lecture Theatre) – Chair: Olaf-Michael Stefanov
09.00 Opening addresses
Silver Sponsors’ Thought Leadership talks:
09.15 Televic: ‘How your input made a difference‘ (ppsx – 5.3 MB) Bert Wylin, Televic
09.25 XTM: ‘The Translation Management System for Global Enterprises‘ (ppsx – 7.4 MB) Grant Blackburn & Andzej Zydroń, XTM
09.50 Keynote address: ‟Where’s My Translation Jet Pack?” (ppsx – 26.9 MB) Arle Lommel
10.50 Health Break
Thursday morning – session 2 (Lecture Theatre) – Chair: Olaf-Michael Stefanov
11.15 150 Million Words a Year and Counting – How the WIPO PCT Translation Division is Using Technology to Handle a 62% Increase in Workload without Exponentially Increasing the Number of Translators or Budget Allocation (ppsx – 0.98 MB) Tracey Hay/td>
11.45 When Terminology Work and Semantic Web Meet (ppsx – 4.95 MB) Denis Dechandon, Eugeniu Costetchi, Anikó Gerencsér, Anne Waniart
12.15 Information Security and Privacy Aspects of Using Online Machine Translation in CAT Tools (ppsx – 4 MB) Christine Bruckner
Thursday morning – Workshops (Education room)
11.15 Workshop-1: Linguistic Quality Assurance (LQA) and Translation Quality Assessment (TQA)     (no slides received by AsLing) Moderator: David Benotmane
12.00 Workshop-2: Raw Output Evaluator, a Freeware Tool for Manually Assessing Raw Outputs from Different Machine Translation Engines (ppsx – 2 MB) Moderator: Michael Farrell
12.45 Lunch Break
Thursday lunch – Short Poster talk (Education Room)
13.40 Foregrounding Accessibility Features in a Multimodal Translation Tool (ppsx – 15.6 MB) Joss Moorkens, Carlos S.C. Texeira, Daniel Turner, Joris Vreeke and Andy Way
Thursday afternoon – Session 1 – (Lecture Theatre) – Chair: Joanna Drugan
14.00 Trying to Standardize Translation Quality – What Were They Thinking? (ppsx -1.98 MB)  (Handouts available to the audience in connection with talk (5 files, zipped – 3 MB)) Alan Melby
14.30 Approaches to Reducing OOV’s (Out of Vocabulary Words) and Specialising Baseline Engines in Neural Machine Translation (ppsx – 4.25 MB) Terence Lewis
15.00 Concurrent Translation – Reality or Hype? (ppsx – 17MB) Joanna Gough and Katerina Perdikaki
Thursday afternoon – Workshops (Education room)
14.00 Workshop-2: Getting Started with Interpreters’ Help (pdf – 952 KB) or zipped ppsx – 61.5 MB) Moderator: Lourdes de la Torre Salceda
14.45 Statistical & Neural MT Systems in the Motorcycling Domain for Less Frequent Language Pairs – How Do Professional Post-Editors Perform? (ppsx – 1.75MB) Clara Ginovart
15.00 SDL – Sponsor Presentation: QA-Checking in SDL Trados Studio Including Usage of Regular Expressions and Display Filter (no slides received by AsLing) Jerzy Czopik
15.30 Health Break
Thursday afternoon – Session 2 (Lecture Theatre) – Chair: Joanna Drugan
15.55 Weaver, Alpac, and TTT: a New Look at the History of MT (no slides used)
… leading directly into …
Round Table: The Future Role of the Professional Translator in Light of the Past 40 years
Moderator: Joanna Drugan   Panellists: Arle Lommel, Raisa McNab, Alan Melby
Alan Melby

Joanna Drugan, Arle Lommel, Raisa McNab, Alan Melby

Thursday afternoon – Workshops (Education room)
15.55 XTM Presentation 2018 ASLING Google sheets (PDF, 1.4 Mb) Grant Blackburn, XTM
16.25 Televic Presentation-TranslationQ (PDF, 3.2 Mb) Bert Wylin, Televic
Friday morning – Session 1 (Lecture Theatre) – Chair: David Chambers
09.05 Gold Sponsor’s Thought Leadership talk: STAR – The STARway to MT Heaven (ppsx – 19.7 MB) or pdf (859 KB) Judith Klein, STAR
09.20 Can Interpreters’ Booth Notes tell us What Really Matters in Terms of Information and Terminology Management? (ppsx – 2.13 MB) Anja Rütten
09.50 Keynote address: The Art of Translation at the Dawn of the 4th Industrial Revolution (ppsx – 9.87 MB) or pdf (1.07 MB) Yota Georgakopoulou
Friday morning – Workshops (Education room)
XTM Presentation 2018 ASLING InDesign (PDF, 1.4 MB) Grant Blackburn, XTM
10.50 Health Break
11.15 Round Table on Language Technologies for Interpreters
Moderator: Gloria Corpas PastorPanellists: João Esteves Ferreira, Ruslan Mitkov, Anja Rütten, Lourdes de la Torre Salceda, Marc van Dommellen
Gloria Corpas Pastor, João Esteves Ferreira, Ruslan Mitkov, Anja Rütten, Lourdes de la Torre Salceda, Marc van Dommellen
12.45 Lunch Break
Friday morning – Workshops (Education room)
11.15 Workshop 4: REGEX – is it a Kind of Magic? Why using Regular Expressions may Help Translators in their Profession (ppsx – 3 MB) or pdf (1.72 MB). The moderator also provided a set of files for use with the workshop. These are available zipped here (61 KB). Jerzy Czopik
12:00 Workshop 5:  Implementing TBX version 3 (ppsx – 1.5 MB) Alan Melby
Friday afternoon – Session 1 – (Lecture Theatre) – Chair: Ruslan Mitkov
14.00 Modification, Rendering in Context of a Comprehensive Standards-Based L10n Architecture (ppsx – 4.83 MB) Ján Husarčik and David Filip
14.30 Measuring Comprehension and Acceptability of Neural Machine Translated Texts: a Pilot Study (ppsx – 2.35 MB) Lieve Macken, Iris Ghyselen
15.00 From a Discreet Role to a Co-Star: the Post-Editor Profile Becomes Key in the PEMT Workflow for an Optimal Outcome (pdf – 3.1 MB) Lucía Guerrero
15.30 Health Break
Friday afternoon – Session 2 – (Lecture Theatre) – Chair: Ruslan Mitkov
16.00 Human-Computer Interaction in Translation: Literary Translators on Technology and Their Roles (ppsx – 5.98 MB) Paola Ruffo
16.15 Automating Terminology Management. Discussion of IATE and Suggestions for Enhancing its Features (ppsx – 772 KB) Anna Maria Władyka-Leittretter
16.30 Creating an Online Translation Platform to Build Target Language Resources for a Medical Phraselator (ppsx – 926 KB) Johanna Gerlach, Hervé Spechbach, Pierrette Bouillon
16.45 Statistical vs. Neural Machine Translation: a Comparison of MTH and DeepL at Swiss Post’s Language Service (ppsx – 1 MB) Lise Volkart, Pierrette Bouillon, Sabrina Girletti
17.00 Proposal for a Bilingual Brazilian Portuguese-French Glossary of Marriage Certificates: Assistance for Translators (ppsx – 494 KB) Beatriz Curti-Contessoto
Friday afternoon workshop (Education Room)
14.00 STAR – Gold Sponsor presentations
1. Terminology and Context (PDF, 1 MB)
2. Subtitles_translation_usind_TM_and_MT
3. Localisation of display texts
4. TermStar filters Terminology under the microscope
1. Christiane Hoffmann, STAR
2. Judith Klein, STAR
3. Christiane Hoffmann, STAR
4. Christiane Hoffmann, STAR
17.00 Machine Translation Markers in Post-Edited Machine Translation Output (ppsx – 411 KB) Michael Farrell